Medical Projects

HIV Targeted Intervention for Injecting Drug Users (IDU)
Currently there is no cure for HIV. Once people get HIV, they have it for their lifetime. Injecting drug use (IDU) has emerged as an important route in the HIV transmission dynamics in India. The most effective means of controlling the spread of HIV in India is through the implementation of targeted interventions (TIs). NACO has prepared some operational guidelines for HIV targeted interventions. Janhvi foundation has conducted such HIV target interventions for Injecting drug users.

Location- Pimpri Pune
objective of Targeted Intervention Programme is to reduce the rate of transmission among the most vulnerable and marginalized population. One of the ways of controlling the disease from further spread is to carry out direct intervention programmes among these groups through multi-pronged strategies, beginning from behavior change communication, counseling, providing health care support, treatment for STD, and creating an enabling environment that will facilitate behaviour change. Targeted Intervention is one of the most important components of the National AIDS Control Programme – Phase II.
Four Key Elements / Components

  • Behavior Change Communication including peer educator: Focusing on providing information on a one to one basis often through peers or those who have close affinity to the populations being addressed.
  • Condom Programming: Increasing the accessibility, acceptability, skills in and consistent use of condoms as means of prevention of STIs.
  • STI Care and Counseling: Addressing the technical and attitudes of providers and ensuring quality care (partner notification, drug, counseling and provision of condoms).
  • Creating of an enabling environment: Through addressing the macro environment in which risk behavior takes place and facilitating legal and policy changes that will facilitate preventive behavior.

As HIV/AIDS in India is a serious public health challenge which has psychosocial and economic dimensions. As NGOs have direct access with the communities, they can be critical partners for Targeted Intervention and counseling activities.

Role of NGO in AIDS Programme
Maharashtra has long history of involvement of NGOs in development programmes and they have played a vital role in the overall development of the state. Till today, NGOs have played important role in reaching to high-risk groups and have capacity and commitment to work in the field of HIV / AIDS.

  • NGOs are directly involved with the people of their communities. They have knowledge about the community needs and have support from the community.
  • The NGOs can give voice to peoples priorities. Through this the NGOs can become a bridge between the Government and Community.
  • The NGOs can respond quickly, directly and sensitively to the needs of the people.
  • They are flexible and able to incorporate community feedback immediately into action. The NGOs can offer range of innovative specialized services for the people affected by AIDS epidemic and their programme are cost effective. With proper technical and financial support from Government, NGOs will help the government to achieve the goals.

International Overdose Awareness Day
International Overdose Awareness Day was initiated in 2001 by Sally J Finn. It is observed on August 31st. This day brings attention to issues surrounding substance use disorders (SUDs) and overdose deaths and allows people to grieve as they choose without fear of stigmatization. Janhvi foundation organized this day on 31st August and as part of it, we conducted opioid substitution therapy (OST) for HIV prevention.

Beneficiary Statistics

SNo. Program Year Total Beneficiaries
1 Beneficiary IDU (Injecting drug user) 2019-2020 241
2020-2021 276
2021-2022 308
2 OST Beneficiary 2019-2020 71
2020-2021 93
2021-2022 110

Health Camp: HIV Testing and general health checks
Janhvi Foundation has organized many health camps and conducted general health checks and also HIV testing.

Health Camp for Metro Workers
There are many metro workers working in Pune. Janhvi foundation conducted health camp for Maha-Metro workers at their sites. As part of this activity, we conducted health checks and routine health examinations on the workers. We have also taken sessions on health awareness.

Family Planning Program
Family Planning is required for reducing birth rate to stabilize the population at a level consistent with the requirement of national economy. Janhvi foundation in association with family planning association of India runs family planning programs. It includes counselling, free distribution of contraceptives like condoms, OC pills, injectable contraceptives and Cu T.

Beneficiary Statistics: Family Planning Program 2019-2020

SNo. Program Total Beneficiaries
1 Counseling 700
2 Registration 400
3 Contraceptive (Condom & OC Pills) 81
4 Contraceptive injectable 11