Medical Projects

HIV Targeted Intervention for Injecting Drug Users (IDU)
Currently there is no cure for HIV. The most effective means of controlling the spread of HIV in India is through the implementation of targeted interventions (TIs). NACO has prepared some operational guidelines for HIV targeted interventions. Janhvi foundation has conducted such HIV target interventions for IDUs.

International Overdose Awareness Day
Janhvi foundation organised International overdose awareness day on 31st August. As part of it, we conducted opioid substitution therapy (OST) for HIV prevention.

Health Camp for Metro Workers
There are many metro workers working in Pune. Janhvi foundation conducted health camp for Maha-Metro workers at their sites. As part of this activity, we conducted health checks and routine health examinations on the workers. We have taken sessions on health awareness.

Family Planning Program
Family Planning is required for reducing birth rate to stabilize the population at a level consistent with the requirement of national economy. Janhvi foundation in association with family planning association of India runs family planning programs. It includes counselling, free distribution of contraceptives like condoms, OC pills, injectable contraceptives and Cu T.